Welcome to Essential Wellness

My name is Lori Riddle, and Essential Wellness is my passion. I'm a trained essential oil expert with over 10 years of experience. I use these oils in a unique way to provide relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation. With a unique combination of specialized healing techniques, high quality essential oils, and professional therapeutic massage, I promote well-being on multiple levels.

The goal of Essential Wellness is to help you achieve your own essential wellness through integrative therapies that incorporate essential oils. I empower each of my clients to take control of their health and feel their absolute best. Are you ready to find your essential wellness?

Boost Your Business

Do you work at or manage a progressive and modern spa, wellness center or chiropractic office? Expand your offerings to your patients and clients with therapeutic grade essential oil treatments. My training programs are designed to teach your entire staff how to incorporate essential oils into their practices.